Is Your Bra the Correct Size?

If you’re like most women, you can’t wait to get home at the end of the day to snatch off your bra and be free as a bird! We feel like we’ve been in an all day wrestling match with the confining band, falling straps, squeezing cups, you name it. After a particularly bad day with my bra, I decided get fitted because I honestly couldn’t recall ever having done so. I had taken my daughter to get properly fitted but it never occurred to me that I could benefit from a fitting as well. I just assumed that I wore the same size that I’ve always worn.

This task called for a stop in the lingerie department at Nordstrom. Once I told the sales associate what I needed, she escorted me to a dressing room, asked me to remove my bra, eyeballed me without asking my size and brought in various styles for me to try on. She showed me the proper way to put on a bra and explained how the bra should fit. When all was said and done, I discovered that I’ve been wearing a bandsize too large and a cup size too small for the last several decades. No wonder I couldn’t wait to get out of that contraption at the end of the day! I even ended up with a strapless bra that I didn’t have to constantly pull up. Who ever heard of such? Anyway, I’m happy to say that my bras are much more comfortable than I ever imagined. Even though I paid more for them than I typically do, the quality is much better than the ones I’ve been grabbing off the sale racks at discount stores.

I think every woman should have at least one good bra and slowly build her collection over time. Just like we need proper fitting shoes to protect our feet, our breasts deserve the same care and attention. As women, we tend to take great pride in our breasts, but spend very little time focusing on the fit of our bras. Do yourself a favor, if you’ve never been fitted or it’s been a while, run to your nearest department store with personnel trained to do bra fittings. Your breasts will thank you for it.

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