Wardrobe Purging for Fall


Anyone who knows me well, will tell you that I am not one to keep things in my closet for years and years. My style is constantly evolving and I’m always trying to curate my possessions without a lot of hassle.

The beginning of the school year always inspires me to start fresh so I annually take this time of year to purge my wardrobe by consigning the best items and donating the rest. However, over the past few years I’ve noticed that several of my favorite consignment shops have increased their split, thereby reducing mine, from 50/50 to 60/40. Now hold up. I realize that they’re in the business to make money, but so am I and 40% of an already reduced price just doesn’t sit well with me. In comes a new way to do business. Last year, a friend turned me on to Tradesy.com. They only take 9% and you get to keep the rest. Once you photograph and list your items on their site and you make a sale, they send you the shipping package with the label attached. Insert the sold item and your money is transferred to your PayPal account once the item is received by the buyer. Now that was easy!

Happy purging!

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