Dressing Out of Your Comfort Zone

Jessica Simpson Dress

Jessica Simpson Dress

Even the most stylish of us tend to get in a fashion rut from time to time. It’s just easier to stick with what we know. Eventually, we tire of the sameness, begin to feel frumpy and decide to change things up and not worry about what other people think. That’s where I am right now. Like everyone, I have my favorite and least favorite body parts and the latter list has outnumbered the former for quite some time now. One constant on my list of least favorite body parts has always been my legs for a number of reasons. During the summer I’ve always worn long flowy pants, skirts, or maxi dresses. This past winter when Loehmanns was preparing to close its doors, I saw the prettiest little white dress on clearance. It was such a classic and the price was so good that I just couldn’t leave it on the rack. The only thing that this dress required of me was to show my legs from the knees down. I was so inspired by the dress that I decided to take the leap. The first time I wore it this summer the breeze on my legs felt so good that I decided to add a few other little dresses to my collection. I also got quite a number of compliments as well!


All it takes is one baby step. Once we have our footing, we feel confident to take the next step. So, I’ve added some shorts to my repertoire as well. It’s very freeing not to be bound by the mental prisons that we create for ourselves and life is too short. In most cases, the things that we consider problematic about our bodies go unnoticed by other people. Now just because I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned what’s appropriate for my body and age. You will never see me in daisy dukes but I will don a pair of knee shorts or maybe even some boy shorts that hit mid-thigh. And I’ll never wear a skirt several inches above my knee. The point is, keeping things fresh in all aspects of our lives, including our clothing, keeps us inspired. So take the leap and buy that new lipstick you’ve been longing to try. Paint those nails in a shade you’ve never worn before. Free yourself!

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