A Space of Your Own


I remember a few years back there was a home decor book entitled “A Space of Her Own”. It showed the beautiful creative spaces of women from all walks of life. Since starting this blog, I’ve been thinking about the need to have a place for inspiration. Whether you’re working from home, resting or creating, we ladies need a place that allows our creative juices to flow. Many of us have husbands that can retreat to the garage or man cave or some other such place. Our kids can retreat to their rooms, but we always seem to have to share space with the rest of the family.

I maintain that in order for us to really be able to retreat from the world, we need to have a private space. Whether it’s a corner in your bedroom or closet, or you’re fortunate enough to have an entire room to yourself, this is one project that’s worthy of your attention. I created a corner in my bedroom and I’ve made it clear that that’s my space. No one in my family sits at or touches anything on the desk in my bedroom. That’s where I’ve placed many of my favorite things, such as photos, books, pretty notepads and cards. It literally is the one place that I can go and feel like I’m in my own little world even if someone else is in the room.

Do you have a space to call your own?

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